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Selling your home

Congratulations on being ready to sell your home! I am a proud member of a storied, successful real estate brokerage that has all the resources you need to get the highest value for your property.

Our marketing strategies and customer service are considered to be the industry gold standard. My entire network of real estate specialists are available to provide services including:

  • Real estate sales
  • Real estate purchases
  • Moving Assistance
  • Real estate marketing
  • Processing of loans

Buyer confidence is one of the leading reasons why homes sell quickly and painlessly — and that is an area where we excel. We constantly have strong demand when it comes to finding buyers their dream properties, which means there are people waiting for you to list your home.

The market is constantly changing, which is why we are always making sure that our marketing strategies are in line with the current real estate market. We will help you set your home’s price at the amount that will produce you an optimal gain.

Lastly, sit down and relax — we are hear to make sure your selling process goes smoothly. I am confident that, together, we can find the perfect buyer for your property.

Get access to real estate analysis reports!

Home Selling Process

  1. Choose a Sales Associate
  2. Obtain a Market Analysis
  3. Set the Price
  4. Contract Preparation
  5. Who is paying expenses of the sale,  closing costs?
  6. Set the closing date
  7. Set the date of occupancy
  8. Home Inspection
  9. Home Warranty
  10. Appraisal
  11. Title
  12. Documents and Receipts