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It’s Whats on the Inside that Counts- Interior Home Staging Tips

Posted by amandadoub on February 21, 2015
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Stainless-steel appliances are definitely ‘in’ with buyers. I can’t tell you how many times a buyer has walked into a home and is immediately turned off by the fact that the appliances have not been updated. Once you install the new equipment, it will scream “BRAND NEW KITCHEN ” and you will see that spending a little $$$ will make you even more.

Save money on granite countertops. Granite can be expensive but please know- they are a HUGE selling feature. Any money you spend will definitely be returned in the value these beautiful counters add to your kitchen.

DE-CLUTTER!! As a realtor I know it’s hard for some homeowners to remove years of clutter from their homes especially on a time-crunch. The goal is to remove all of the items in your home that you’re not using on a regular basis and place them in storage. Examples are- children’s toys, kitchen appliances, books, tools etc..

Unpleasant odors won’t win over buyers. We all love our pets, but unpleasant odors can make a huge negative first impression. Be sure to get rid of old carpet that can trap offensive smells. Replace it with fresh new carpet in a neutral color. Plus, if you paint the walls to match, your living room will look bigger. The goal here is- a inviting, fresh smell that is barely noticeable. Do not over-do glade plug-ins or leave candles burning while you’re not home!!! A strong air freshener smell burns the nostrils and makes the buyer think you’re covering something up. Candles are simply a fire hazard.

Hire the best photographer. Photos can make or break your advertising. Plain and simple, terrible do-it-yourself photos will deter buyers from wanting to tour your property. Hiring an experienced photographer to take photos of your home is a guarantee that one or more of those photos will catch the eye of a potential buyer since each buyer has something specific that they are searching for.

HIRE THE RIGHT REALTOR (me) Lastly, and most importantly, get the right realtor to help you sell your home. Look for a real estate agent who is experienced, hard-working, knows what buyers want, can offer insight into staging and has a proven track record.

For more staging ideas visit: National Association of Realtors

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