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Spring Market– Heating Up Fast

Posted by amandadoub on January 29, 2015
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I was especially interested to see what would happen this spring since the market really winded down in the fall. Listings that I thought would sell immediately sat on the market for weeks, sometimes months.

As I began to show new listings to clients in 2015, I rapidly got a taste for what was coming. The first offer I wrote for a client in 2015 had multiple offers– that same thing happened with another client after that, and then another… My client’s were very motivated and each had substantial down payments and still, I was told that my clients’ offer was near the end of the rest. Almost all of my offers this spring have been in multiple offer situations. ugh… someone please pass the wine!

I’m totally an agent who is all about getting clients a good deal; Paying below list price is spectacular. But sadly, that strategy isn’t going to work this spring. It’s all about getting the house of my clients’ dreams— and this spring, that means potentially going in with a full price offer or more.

I didn’t write the rules for this little game but I’m fine-tuning my primary mode of operation so my clients aren’t left in the dust.
Here is a great article: 10 HOTTEST MARKETS SPRING 2015
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